Tech180 Test System Architecture

December 8, 2020

Tech180 CEO Chris Bakker explains the Tech180 system architecture, built on NI’s PXI and SLSC COTS platforms and using modular components for the system to reduce NRE and push schedules to the left.

Current generations of mobility, defense, and space technology are already undergoing transformations into the digital domain. Mechanical and hydraulic systems are being supplemented with huge electronic control systems, pushing the limits of existing test infrastructure.

It’s just a matter of time before cars fly, trains become rockets, and planes go to space. And to get these vehicles to market on time, you’re going to need to test. A lot. This future is built on sophisticated software functionality that’s not going to be tested on yesterday’s test system.

In an ideal world, the product requirements would simply define the test system requirements. When it comes time to build the test system, you’d have a lot to work with and you’d get something up and running really quickly, filter in the innovative requirements, fix the bugs, and start testing the product.

In reality, it takes a huge amount of custom engineering to get off the shelf test equipment to meet product requirements. It’s like designing a whole other product. And the more sophisticated your test equipment gets, the less time and budget you have to do that.

That’s where Tech180 comes in.

We’ve partnered with the best suppliers in the industry to produce the most modular, open test architecture on the market. Our reconfigurable platform uses massively modular OTS hardware to drastically reduce the NRE needed to meet custom product requirements.

We give you the test coverage you need, where and when you need it.

So say goodbye to all of the headaches of your old test system.

No more massive bundles of point to point wiring. No more endless manual debugging and obsolete test systems that you can’t maintain. Not to mention less rework and schedule slips when your product requirements change – which they will.

Say hello to the benefits of innovation: Systems that are clean and serviceable. Automated self-test that tells you if your test results are from your product or your tester. On-demand reconfiguration of test systems to support multiple product lines.

Say goodbye to just barely getting your product to market on time, and say hello to solving the world’s toughest challenges, faster.

The future of flight is right around the corner, but the future of test has already arrived and its name is Tech180.

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