Agile System Development

Get your test system sooner — and make changes as needed

It’s a familiar scenario: a clunky, time-consuming process means that you have to wait for your entire test system design to be completed before you can start building it. As a result, the system isn’t ready in time, delaying the project, blowing the budget, and sending stress levels through the roof.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Tech180 uses a unique Agile development process to complete entire portions of your test system even as other requirements are being finalized. We divide design into stable requirements and changing requirements, allowing us to start building sooner while still leaving the space and interfaces to incorporate longer lead items.

Without the delays of a serialized waterfall process, we’re able to build and unit test even down to individual requirements. Segmenting the system in this way provides greater adaptability and reduces risk while helping you keep your project on schedule.

The inflexible design process is a thing of the past. Experience the future of testing with Tech180.