A Modular System Design

Modular Systems for Testing Now and in the Future

Your test system is a functional mirror of the product interface. In an ideal world, defining the product requirements would design the test system for you. But those product requirements are entangled with the engineering needed to get off-the-shelf test equipment to do what you need.

Enter Tech180.

We’ve developed a scalable, off-the-shelf modular hardware architecture that drastically reduces the engineering needed to meet product requirements. Components all share the same pinouts and connectors, allowing for seamless interconnection with standard cables that reduces build time.

For any portion of a system that is truly universal between multiple product lines, the design becomes configuration and the integration becomes assembly – all with off-the-shelf instrumentation and cables out to the pin. And for things that are unique to your product, we can modularize a solution and incorporate into the design with minimal engineering.

By specifying which combination of common electrical interfaces your product uses, you’ll enable us to automatically assemble the test equipment design. No more point-to-point wiring and huge wire bundles. Instead, you get cabled connections and serviceable rack layouts.

When you combine our modular system design with our agile development process, you get a cutting-edge test system that’s ready in weeks instead of months.

Ready to get ahead of the game?