Our Technology

Get a high-quality test system in less time — without changing your workflow.

Aerospace is changing. Space travel and flying cars are closer than ever. The flight-certified products of tomorrow will require more features and more complex software and controls, which you’ll need to test and deliver in shorter timeframes.

Tech180 eliminates the tedious parts of building your test system. We have off-the-shelf implementations for most of your product interfaces. Our modular system architecture combined with a revolutionary Agile development process means you get that system faster.

But it’s more than that. We’re engineers ourselves, and use our capabilities to help you enhance yours. Here’s why aerospace engineers prefer Tech180.

  • Our systems are ultra-modular.
    When engineers need the most modular systems available, they turn to Tech180. Modularity reduces costs of every part of the project management triangle. When requirements change mid-project (and they will!) modularity reduces the impact of those changes.
  • We anticipate your needs.
    You won’t typically have to provide a statement of work for every requirement. Instead, tell us what interfaces your product has and we’ll generate the solutions to meet the requirements of each interface. In most cases, we already have a solution for about 80% of a test system, letting us focus on the riskier parts of the system.
  • We’re flexible with requirements changes.
    Here’s where our Agile development process really shines.
    You don’t always have all of the product requirements you need to build a tester by the time the schedule dictates that you have to begin. We can get started with the information that you do have, and our architecture allows us to make many types of changes later on – without significant cost or impact on the production schedule.
  • We don’t force you to change your workflow.
    If you want to test in Python, you can test in Python. If you want to run your models on your own server instead of in our PXI controller, we can support that. We can also deliver hardware in multiple formats, from a bill of materials to a turnkey system and everything in between.
    We work hard to ensure that changes in hardware have as little impact as possible on your preferred workflow.
  • Easy debugging.
    Our systems have the option for built-in or external self-test so you can quickly verify where errors are coming from. Additionally, our cabled connections make it easier to maintain and modify the system. And we always provide complete drawings, a bill of materials, and signal trace documentation.
  • You get systems when you need them.
    Our modular architecture and Agile process avoid costly point-to-point wiring and custom design. We can start building and verifying functionality from day one, allowing for system delivery in weeks rather than months.
How It Works

To request more information, or a remote or on-site presentation, please email solutions@tech180.us