Our Systems

The Problem

In a perfect world, your test equipment timeline is front-loaded. You start with stable requirements, add in the longer lead customizations, and then tackle test, fixes, and integration rework.

In the real world, labor and risk get pushed to the right. Delays in receiving inputs and rework from requirements churn lead to last-minute crunches. Costs go up as your deadline looms. Rework during integration drags on.

The heart of the problem is controlling risk. Committing yourself to the entire system design upfront leaves you vulnerable when requirements change. Your initial decisions can make or break the project, as the cost and time to make changes later adds up fast. There’s no way to separate decisions about the less risky parts of the test system from the riskier parts, and getting it wrong means delays and budget overruns. The pressure to get it right, without changes later, is immense — and unrealistic.

What if you could have portions of the system done and validated before you ever have to make a decision about the riskier parts? What if the coverage you need is ready ahead of when you need it? Tech180 makes it possible.

The Solution

We created the first-ever Agile system development process, allowing us to specify, design, build, and validate individual portions of a test system unit by unit. Instead of a lengthy waterfall process, you get a cutting-edge system that actually lowers your risk. And it’s ready in weeks instead of months – without breaking your budget.

From hardware and software configuration services to complete standardization solutions, we can help you accelerate your test program and stay ahead of your competition.

Let us show you how. Schedule a remote or on-site presentation and hit your targets with on-demand, reconfigurable test coverage.