Did you miss our presentation at NI’s Aerospace and Defense Exchange? You can still watch the recording:

In this presentation, Tech180 CEO Chris Bakker and SET GmbH CEO Frank Heidemann talk about implementing model-based engineering to improve aerospace test.

  • Tech180, SET, and NI collaborated on a modular architecture that makes model-based systems engineering practical at the scale needed to support aerospace and defense programs.
    • Advanced system synthesis tools “compile” test system designs from interface descriptive language
    • Can be used in many different workflow environments
    • Individual stakeholders can see benefits and ROI without collaboration from the entire supply chain
    • Programs can see benefits from any combination of stakeholders using the underlying architecture in their own systems
  • Test coverage requirements and implementation IP should be portable with the product – not reinvented by stakeholders.
    • Reuse IP (models, test articles, and designs)
    • Enable practical model-based systems engineering
    • Save overall program cost and accelerate program speed by eliminating serial test asset development